Who I Am Is Me

I have been reading one of the best international thrillers entitled Day of Confession and in it one of the sentences in it has literally set me FREE FOREVER!

The sentence could set you FREE too. It is SO POWERFUL!

Here it is. Are you ready?

“Who I am is ME!”

Do you grasp the significance of this sentence?

YOU are who YOU are! NOT who significant others like family, relatives, friends, ministers, politicians, etc. want YOU to be!

I FINALLY got it as we use to say in EST.

My Mom who was a GREAT influence and role model for my being an entrepreneur is NOT me! My Dad who was a cool, easy going guy most of the time and supporter of my dreams is NOT me! My roommate after college, Gee, who was also laid back and full of XTREMEJOY is NOT me!

Who I am is ME!

In a previous blog I mentioned about another MUST read book entilted BrainStyles where extensive research has found that we are BORN with the BrainStyle we use. I am a Conceptor and all my life I have been misunderstood like all Conceptors like Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, Nicholas Tesla, Albert Einstein and my hero Walt Disney. We only make up NINE percent of the world’s population.

That is who I am! You might be a Knower, Deliberator or Conciliator. You MUST read this book so that you understand what BrainStyle God gave you to make you who YOU are.

“Who I am is ME!” has become my new vision statement as I go forth in my XtremeJoy Lifestyle!

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