Exercise Only Because YOU Want To!

I want to share one very inmportant aspect of Xtremejoy Fitness with you – ALWAYS exercise because YOU want to NOT because you feel obligated or guilty! If you don’t exercise because YOU want to with a SMILE of XtremeJoy on your face then you are just increasing the Stress and Depression Cycle!

Have you noticed those runners and speed bikers passing you with GRIM DETERMINED faces of PAIN instead of PLEASURE?

I use to be one of those myself until I started learning about the Principles of XtremeJoy. Who told us that we had to be GRIM looking and not have a XtremeJoy smile on our faces? The great football coach is WRONGLY attributed to saying: “No pain no gain.” He has been misquoted to increase the pocketbooks of the sports and fitness industries! Why would you have to experience PAIN to have GAIN?

Sure you have to go through what we call “the wall” to get those endorphins kicking in but if you train CONSISTENTLY and NOT all out then you will still experience the endorphins and go pass “the wall” without undue PAIN!

So with your new XtremeJoy Fitness program of BRISK walking or biking you need to certainly stay with it CONSISTENTLY (at least 3 times per week in the beginning and until you work up a little sweat or “glissen” as Southern women call it but make sure you are doing it for YOURSELF with XtremeJoy!

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