Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 56

Had to share with you my AHAH as my mentor Marshall Thurber like to call them while jogging yesterday.

GOD/Universe/Spirit is PRIMARILY concerned with your PURPOSE and NOT the MONEY! However if you FOCUS on the PURPOSE, MISSION, VISION, GOAL etc. THEN the MONEY will follow!

Let me give you an example from my own life. I decided to tithe my TIME to my Episcopal church by doing the yard work. As I told the rector I expected NO financial remuneration! She was thrilled as our elderly congregation is fast passing away that has financially supported The All Saints Community. You see at 68 I am a YOUNGSTER in this small congregation!

Within several days of making this decision I received an email from a major magazine publisher whom I had queried about doing an article for several months ago. They want me to submit an article on what could become a regular PAYING column!

Was it a coincidence that I received the email? Could have been; however I personally do NOT believe in coincidences but instead in GOD INCIDENCES or A GOD JOB as my business partner Matt calls them!

Sarge Hugh Simpson

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