Youthing Part 4

Last time we talked about ADD. Today we continue the processes and techniques that have led to my Youthing and the XtremeJoy Lifestyle.

I have been guilty of this one: “I don’t need to know why or how it works only that it does work!”

Well research has shown that we will become MORE STRESSED following the above process! Again Dr. Paul Pearshall pointed out that when we spend more time just making sure something works (like the Net, cell phone or this Android tablet) we keep ourselves from experiencing the CONNECTIVENESS of the ENTIRE SYSTEM and HOW and WHY it works. Dr. Pearshall also believes and I certainly agree with him we have become more STRESSED as we get away from the process of the XtremeJoy of KNOWING.

He says: “We must get some of our news from reading, not just from two-minute segments on newscasts. We must pay attention to how our government works, not just watch television to see if anything is happening in Washington that might effect us. We must understand the principles by which the artifacts of our culture operate, become participants as well as consumers. We must put effort into understanding and being involved in the workings of the world around us, not just use that world as an arena of stress addiction.’

KUDOS, Dr Pearshall!

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