Youthing Part 3

Continuing the processes and techniques that have helped my Youthing and XtremeJoy Lifestyle.

I was discovered to be ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder – when I was 50. I had read a book that told of the symptoms and I sure had plenty of them! I then was listening to a guy on the local Atlanta radio talking of his own experience of ADD and how he had become a Lifecoach working with ADD. I called him and arrange for myself to become a patient of his and go through his 42 session therapy for ADD. Since I had a weekly TV show on holistic health and fitness and his program used NO drugs, we agreed to use me on my TV show and increase his opportunity for others to benefit from the program.

Research has shown that ADD is really not so much Attention Deficit is that it is more XTREME FOCUS on particularly ONE of our senses like visual. I am a VERY visual person as opposed to auditory (hearing) or kinesthetic (touching). I can read a book and visualize what is happening just like it is a live TV or film. I will find myself when talking with someone not only LOOKING at them but all around them. I also will be so VISUALLY oriented that I will miss a great deal of what they are saying!

The ADD training that I did helped me to stay FOCUSED on BOTH the visual and auditory at the same time. I’m still not a real “touchy-feely” person and that is OKAY!

One person I read, Dr. Paul Pearsall, believes that we are more ESAD – Extraordinary Sensory Attention Disorder than ADD. I have been a student of ESP – Extra Sensory Perception – for more than 50 years. My research has shown that we ALL have ESP and not just those that were studied at Duke University by Dr. Rhineart. We need to spend more time with our ESP. As ESP researchers Russell Targ and Keith Haray say: “The best scientific research suggests that the capacity for developing genuine psychic abilities lies latent in many, or perhaps, most people.” Personally I think we ALL have ESP!

So how does this relate to Youthing? Have you ever heard of the “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce? He received ALL of his Youthing processes through ESP! He had a sixth grade education but was able to discover a cure for cancer in 1946 – 66 years ago – that we are finally exploring today!

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