As promised we are going to explore the YOUTHING aspects of the XtremeJoy Lifestyle. People think that I’m at least 10 years younger than my current 66 years. I am sure that a lot of that has to do with genes but also I think that like the previous post mentioned I am OPEN and JOINED. I have NEVER been afraid of new experiences or change! Also I have NEVER met a stranger in my life. I am the co-founder of numerous networking organizations from a church singles group to a business network in Atlanta that at one time had 500 or more attending our events in the mid 1980s long before networking was the “in” thing.

You will remember that the “Y” stood for Youth or Youthing as I like to call anti-aging.

Research has demonstrated that how we TALK greatly effects our health. As you may remember from your lessons of biology there are two measurements of your blood pressure. They are SYSTOLIC and DIASTOLIC. Traditionally we have always thought that the DIASTOLIC reading was the most important to control as it was tied to the increase of stroke and heart disease. Now we know that the SYSTOLIC measurement is just as significant to the health of your heart. It is related to stroke and sudden death! You sure can’t experience YOUTH when you are dead!

The research found that when we talk LOUDLY, FAST and most importantly ANGRILY the SYSTOLIC number goes up! No wonder with the increased incidences of road rage we see people developing life threatening heart related problems. So how do we get this number lowered?

This SYSTOLIC measurement seems to be related to what is called the SAD Cycle – Stress and Depression Cycle. We have become ADDICTED to STRESS in our lives! The only way that seems to break this SAD Cycle is to use our own brain’s chemicals to control this cycle. By lowering our STRESS related internal and external activities by living the XtremeJoy Lifestyle we not only break the SAD Cycle but could possibly reverse aging! People actually say that I look YOUNGER than I did 10 years ago since I started practicing what I have coined XtremeJoy!

Break your SAD Cycle and start YOUTHING!

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