XtremeOwnership Part 7

The first Law of Combat is COVER & MOVE where one SEAL covers the movement of another SEAL retreating after a mission.

So how does COVER & MOVE apply to leadership and business?

This is what former SEAL Leif Babin, and co-author of Extreme Ownedship, says about the tactic:

“…It is the most fundamental tactic, perhaps the ONLY (my emphasis) tactic. Put simply, COVER & MOVE means TEAMWORK (my emphasis). All elements within the entire team are crucial and must work together to accomplish the mission, mutually supporting one another for that SINGULAR PURPOSE (my emphasis)…If they forsake this principle and operate independently or work against each other, the results are CATASTROPHIC (my emphasis) to the team’s performance and that of the larger organization of which they are a part.”


Hugh Simpson

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