XtremeOwnership Part 6

We spoke about parking your EGO OUTSIDE the door and that also means being ARROGANT and COCKY!

Here is what former SEAL officer Jocko Wiilink says in Extreme Ownership:

“In the SEAL Teams, we strive to be confident, but not cocky (see chapter 12). SEALs take tremendous pride in the proud history and legacy of our organization. We are confident in our skills, what we can accomplish, and eager to take on the challenging missions that others cannot or aren’t willing to execute. But we can’t EVER (my emphasis) think we are too good to fail or that our enemies aren’t capable, deadly, and eager to exploit our weaknesses. We must NEVER (my emphasis) get complacent. This is where controlling the ego is most important.”

More in next post where we begin to explore THE LAWS OF COMBAT!

Hugh Simpson

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