Urgent vs Important

We talked about ELIMINATING as it applied to your business. Another one of my mentors, best-selling author, Timothy Ferriss, who wrote The 4-Hour Work Week ( a MUST read book!) also discusses ELIMINATING in your business and even your personal life that makes sense.

How often do you check your email? 4 or more times a day? I have been guilty of doing that in the past. What could be so URGENT that you need to do this? See most of us concentrate on the URGENT instead of what Timothy recommends – the IMPORTANT. If you are checking email, catching up on Facebook, Twittering or updating your LinkedIn info, are you really doing what is IMPORTANT?

Also he discusses being EFFECTIVE vs. being EFFICIENT. Which do you tend to put your emphasis? Again being EFFECTIVE is more IMPORTANT. EFFECTIVENESS is when you are doing things that get you closer to your GOALS/DREAMS. Sure it is also good to be EFFICIENT but most of us put our focus on this when we should be more EFFECTIVE.

Timothy gives a great example of person who checks email 30 times per day but develops an EFFICIENT system that puts all the emails in the correct folders. So is this person being EFFECTIVE?


EFFICIENT systems do not equal EFFECTIVE ones! Autoresponders are EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE systems but only if you write the content of the autoresponders to SELL your products/services EFFECTIVELY!

Timothy also says there are two things to remember regarding what we have been discussing:

1. “Doing something UNIMPORTANT well does not make it IMPORTANT.”
2. “Requiring a lot of time does not make a task IMPORTANT.”

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