The New 5 Letter Word

I sure have learned that OBESE is the new POLITICALLY INCORRECT term to use! I recently made a series of videos where I showed OBESE and OVERWEIGHT individuals. By the way the sheriff of the county asked me to remove them from YouTube and I graciously agreed.

I thought it might shock them into looking at themselves and WAKING UP! Instead it has made them want to lynch me! They called me insensitive, cruel, Satan’s right hand man, the Devil himself, pervert, pedophile, etc.

Why a pervert? Because while shooting OVERWEIGHT and OBESE people in PUBLIC places I certainly got children in the videos as they were with OVERWEIGHT and OBESE parents! By the way their kids were for the most part not OVERWEIGHT or OBESE.

In any previous news stories I use to do when I was an investigative reporter for CBS News I certainly got children and people not even related to the story!

I was accused of lurking behind a column and shooting my videos instead of standing out in the parking lot. When I shot for CBS News I many times would conceal myself especially when doing undercover stories on drugs.

These people also accused me of being too coward to shoot the subject up close and said I had to let them know. I am sure OBESE subjects would have been more than happy to let me shoot their bodies and do an interview. In your dreams!

What has happened to the USA when everything has to be so POLITICALLY CORRECT? Am I the only person in the USA that has shot OBESE and OVERWEIGHT people and used YouTube as the platform for showing them? I don’t think so!

What REALLY got these people upset was using the FACTS about their OBESITY in my videos. In December 2012 there was a report done by HEALTH PROFESSIONALS entitled Healthy Carolinians. This report was pointed out to me by one of the HEALTH PROFESSIONALS in the county where the report was done.

I studied that report very thoroughly. I found a study done that involved this county in western North Carolina – Macon – showing that by the professionally accepted standard of the Body Mass Index or BMI that Macon County had a much higher percentage of OBESITY than any other county in western North Carolina. FACT. It also was much higher than the North Carolina percentage. FACT. Finally it was much higher than the US percentage. FACT.

Here are the same FACTS for you to see:

USA – 28.5%
North Carolina – 28.6%
Western NC – 29.2%
Macon County – 35.3%

In a televised interview done about the firestorm I had caused because of this interview another Macon County HEALTH PROFESSIONAL told the reporter that Macon County was just as fit and healthy as the national average of 34%.

34%? So what condition are the other 64%? Possibly OVERWEIGHT and OBESE?

So OBESE is the new POLITICALLY INCORRECT four letter word even thought it is five letters. So I guess we put our heads in the sand and threaten and insult people like myself when you try to WAKE THEM UP!

I can only hope that I have made them so angry at me that they want to show me as wrong and make Macon County one of the HEALTHIEST FIT counties in the USA!

Hugh Simpson


The New 5 Letter Word — 6 Comments

  1. Hey, this is the US Navy Veteran that you’ve been ignoring. I showed up for your free fitness class this morning right outside subway with friends in tow, 9am just like you said. Just to see what you were all about yet you didn’t show up. Instead we did a 3 mile run and another 3 mile walk to check out the up coming 5K route I’m doing. For an FBG (Fat Bottom Girl) like me I’d say that’s pretty damn good. I’ve been doing this twice a day everyday and I’m still a fat girl. Feel free to check out my blog. Oh, and you can call me obese, fat, or whatever you like. I know I am. But I can lose the weight. Ugly and hateful can never change. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I didn’t see you on any part of my 6 mile route. Although I would’ve been happy for you to come out of the woodwork and interview me about my weight.

    • Nichole, first Thank You for serving. Second I pulled my back on Friday with a tug a war with vines growing into plants. Apologies for not showing up. I was basically asked to not offer any of my businesses in Macon County including our Adventure Fitness based travel one which could have brought thousands to the area and $ to businesses.

      We have found another area and will be relocating there.

      Our Commanding Officer of my American Legion post where I served as CO of the Sons of the American Legion is also a retired Navy vet and a woman. Her Wii considers her OBESE however she is STRONG as steel! She is a welder by trade.

      Thanks and keep up the good work for staying healthy!

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