The Legal Drugging of America Part 4

As I said in the last post I was beginning my 42 session journey to overcoming ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder – WITHOUT Ritalin.

Sure enough the EGG showed I was VERY ADD! As my teacher, Pete, told me my brain looked like the Sahara Desert! There were NO peaks – just FLAT lands!

My first test that Pete had me do was see if I could make a balloon on a TV screen go up and down just with the control of my mind with the attached electrodes to my head.

I thought this would be a piece of cake since this was a game he did with KIDS with ADD. Certainly a 50 years young guy like me could do this with ease!


It took me almost all of the 42 sessions before I had control of that damn balloon!

More of my journey in the next post!

Hugh Simpson
DRUG FREE Serial Entrepreneur

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