XtremeOwnership Part 6

We spoke about parking your EGO OUTSIDE the door and that also means being ARROGANT and COCKY! Here is what former SEAL officer Jocko Wiilink says in Extreme Ownership: “In the SEAL Teams, we strive to be confident, but not … Continue reading

XtremeOwnership Part 5

One VERY important aspect of XTREMEOWNERSHIP is LEAVING YOUR EGO OUTSIDE THE DOOR as my friend and co-founder of EST, the late Bill Thaw, use to say! Former Navy SEAL officers and trainers Jocko and Leif stress this in their … Continue reading

XtremeOwnership Part 4

In the previous post we learned that as a LEADER you have to take FULL responsibility of explaining the WHY of the mission to your team. Here is what Jocko Willink, co-author and former SEAL officer says in Extreme Ownership: … Continue reading

XtremeOwnership Part 2

In their Extreme Ownership former US Navy SEALS Jocko and Leif say that the second aspect of SEAL training demonstrates that there are NO BAD TEAMS ONLY BAD LEADERS! They give the example of two LEADERS of boat crews in … Continue reading

XtremeOwnership Part 1

Today I want to share about XTREMEOWNERSHIP as I learned from former US Navy SEAL officers Jocko Willink & Leif Babin. Both were officers and commanders at the worst urban combat and battle in SEAL history – Ramadi in Iraq. … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 20

Today Rabbi Berg shares there is a DIFFERENCE between SUPPRESSING our emotions and SHUTTING DOWN our REACTIVE system. Next time RESIST your urge to REACT and instead use RESISTANCE as most likely you are going to experience CALM and CLARITY … Continue reading