Practice Contrarianism

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world who has taken his BILLIONS and given them to Bill Gates Foundation, has run his entire life on CONTRARIANISM. When the market was tanking Warren was BUYING!

Well Creatives evidently practice CONTRARIANISM where they go against the traditional wisdom when approachting problems and “heartstorming”. Scott in his MUST read book Making Ideas Happen shared the following for using CONTRARIANISM.

1. Don’t use AGE as your criteria. Usually we believe that us older dudes and dudesses have all the experiences that we need to share with the young “wet-behind-the-ears” kids. Forget it! My mentor’s good friend the Eternal Teenager, Dick Clark, surrounded himself with “kids” as they are the ones that pick up on the latest trends in music, clothes, movies, etc. Ditto for another DecaMillionaire – Russell Simmons, godfather of hip-hop.

2. Don’t just look for those at the TOP to mentor you. Instead look at even your peers! Both Dick and Russell do that VERY successfully.

3. Don’t rely on your PAST knowledge, skills, experiences and successes. We are finding every day that the world is CHANGING at nano-second speed and we can’t rely on what has gotten us through in the past. For example, we have 1,500,000 UNEMPLOYED US veterans and it looks like they will not find TRADITIONAL jobs and work. Internet Marketing skills are a MUST now!

4. Ony aspire to the BETTER – NOT the BEST. Now I know that is contrary to what you have heard. However, as Scott has learned from interviewing hundreds of Creatives “all conventional wisdom and ‘best practices’ should be taken with a grain of salt and built upon as we aspire to ‘better practices’.”

So become a CONTRARIAN like Warren, Dick and Russell, who are all DecaMillionaires and more!

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