More on Endorphins

Continuing our discussion of ENDORPHINS you may be excited enough now by the tremendous benefits to want to experience this high yourself.

First, it is going to require you to make DISCIPLINED and probably DRASTIC changes in your current Lifestyle! If you are the typical “couch potato” then you are going to have to give up watching endless crap on TV, playing mindless video games and surfing the Net. You are also going to have to stop raiding the fridge for junk! Also you will not be frequenting those fast food joints unless it is my place of choice, Subway. I have actually gone from a 38 inch waist to a consistent 32 inch waist just eating at Subway especially their new breakfast menu – all in less than 6 MONTHS! So the Jarret story is NO BS as I’m living proof!

However before you go out and begin your new endorphin inducing life make sure you have a thorough physical to find any hidden problems like the rampant Diabetes 2 that now effects 10% of the US population according to the Center for Disease Control. The current trend with this devastating disease will have 33% of the US population suffering from Diabetes 2 by 2050! You could end up like my friend, Mikie, who thought he only had a case of gout when he went for his VA checkup eight years ago. They amputated his left leg up to his knee two days later! He has been in and out of the hospital and now his right foot is gone! It will take your limbs and even eyes!

I’m a certified personal fitness trainer certified by the prestigioys ISSA – International Sports Science Association. We tell our clients they must first change their eating habits. We suggest the following: fruits, grains and veggies as the main course with little meat/fish/chicken; eat five meals a day each no bigger than your two fists and do this for 6 days straight. The results have been astounding!

Tomorrow – why 5 meals per day instead of the usual 3?

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