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I want to continue with some of the quotes from Russell Simmon’s bestselling Do You that I discussed in the last post. As I mentioned Russell has become a VERY spiritual person after taking up Yoga in his life. He not only does the physical movements but also practices the spiritual aspects of Yoga.

“…I believe that visions are actually God’s way of communicating with us.”

“Remember, Jesus or Lord Buddah didn’t share their visions to you who THEY were. They shared their vision to help teach you who YOU are.”

“…I really believe the imagination of God is the collective imagination of man. And I believe that’s why people who listen to their imagination, instead of ignoring it, have a much more fulfilling life.”

“Anything worthwhile is going to take time to manifest itself. And a lot of perseverance.”

“Those kinds of tests are given to you FROM God to see if you believe IN God. Don’t fail the test. Focus on your vision and keep going until you hit the finish line.”

“The goal is not to become educated and set in your ways but to be educated while staying childlike in your imagination.”

“Once you’ve picked a vision that you feel passionate about, the next step is to freeze it…Freeze it in your mind and meditate on it every day.”

“It’s also very important to try to always see the details in your vision. Freeze the big picture first. But then keep working on the details.”

“The business plan is just my way of making sure that the details are right and everyone on my team is literally STARTING on the same page.”

“Details allow a vision to materialize into a fundable plan. Details give people confidence in you.”

“Some plans will have to be abandoned. Others will have to be changed. Just make sure you compromise on the details. Not the big picture.”

“When I talk about Doing You, I’m really just asking you to listen to that voice of God inside of you again. Because without that voice, you’ll never be able to tap into the resources God has blessed you with.”

“Any kind of lasting success is rooted in HONESTY.”

“Trust me, authenticity sells, no matter what you’re selling.”

Well these are just the quotes I underlined in the first 45 pages of this over 300 page book. Get it if you have not already from the Resources area on this site.

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