More About XtremePlay

I will be regularly adding new games that you can play with your partner, family, friends and even co-workers.

Games are wonderful for teaching us the Rules of Life too. Here are several to follow while XtremePlaying:

1. Take turns. Don’t try to “hog” the XtremePlay. Let EVERYONE have their opportunity!

2. Consider the other people’s feelings. Just because you are good at something don’t get annoyed when another can’t perform as well or as quickly as you. This especially applies to when playing with children. There is an old Native American saying you might have heard that goes something like this: “Don’t judge another until you have walked in their moccasins.” You do not know where others are coming from regardless of how well you think you know them.

3. If you lose, be a good sport and realize that you don’t win every time. I really have to work on this one myself. I’m pretty competitive. Remember it is only a “game” not a life or death situation. Losing graciously is a sign of character.

4. Don’t gloat over your win either. Remember you will NEVER win EVERY time and when you lose you will not want others to repay you for your insensitivity. Win graciously.

5. Don’t cheat. Again a game is NOT a life or death situation. These XtremePlay games are for XtremeFun with others. Also what you do at XtremePlay reflects what you do in life. Others will notice too.

Finally if you are playing with your children PLEASE don’t get into a dither or worse yet a rage when they don’t perform as well as you think they should. Nothing upsets me more than seeing a parent upbraiding and screaming at a child because they did not get that so called important touchdown, homerun or winning basket. Will that matter a week from now? NO, but the way you treated that child will matter for a LIFETIME!

One of my mentors is Wallace Wattles who wrote the classic The Science of Getting Rich in 1910. He says that you will NEVER get rich by COMPETING but by being CREATIVE you will succeed. PLAY leads to increased CREATIVITY which can result in increased WEALTH! So by PLAYING CREATIVELY you also WIN the Wealth Game!

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