Millionaire Mindset Tip 11

Continuing with our previous post about my long time friend and mentor DECA-MILLIONAIRE Dr Michael Duckett today we discuss very quickly why: THE RICH GET RICHER & THE POOR POORER!

You see Michael and his lovely wife Leslie are pioneers in BRAIN RESEARCH. They are NOT airy fairy New Age NUT JOBS! They are authors of GROUNDBREAKING concepts that I have had the pleasure of beta-testing. IT WORKS! It is as the International Institute of Mind Research says: “THIS IS THE MISSING PIECE TO THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.”

So why is what I said above about the RICH GET RICHER true and SCIENTIFIC? Here is a direct quote from Michael and Leslie:

“Successful person’s brain is wired to produce emotions that are compatible with manifesting more abundance…’The rich get richer’ is so true – they are ADDICTED to the emotions of producing and receiving more money.”

Do you see the reason now? The RICH are ADDICTED to the EMOTIONS of producing and receiving money!

Michael and Leslie have found a SCIENTIFIC method that produces those ADDICTIONS to the EMOTIONS of producing and receiving money!

I will be getting Michael and Leslie to teach a select group of the Shirt Pocket Millionaires Club trainees IN PERSON in 2014! Michael is considered the “Tony Robbins” to the thousands who have heard him speak on Mainland China! He is my second client to be brought to Mainland China by the government! He is also a hero to one of Hollywood’s mega stars – WILL SMITH!

So when are YOU going to join us by following the instructions in either the SHIRT POCKET MILLIONAIRES CLUB header or pull down menu above?

Hugh Simpson

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