Millionaire Mindset Tip 5

I have come up today with a new phrase: ENTITLEMENT MILLIONAIRES! These are the more than 90% who believe that they are ENTITLED to a million dollars or more WITHOUT ANY WORK! They actually believe in MAGIC and the TOOTH FAIRY!

They are far from having a REAL MILLIONAIRE MINDSET! My millionaire buddies and clients just LAUGH at these IDIOTS! They have become victims of all those GET RICH QUICK schemes out there! They actually BELIEVE two homeless guys discovered some secret that made them MILLIONAIRES!

No what actually most likely happened is that they hired a copywriter like myself who created this RAGS TO RICHES scenario! Happens all the time! More than likely their “homeless” guys were laid off business executives who had a nice bankroll.

They were probably trying to figure a way to part thousands of people from THEIR money using the same Internet Marketing tools we GIVE A WAY at Shirt Pocket Millionaires Club. After a few too many beers or may be MJ they hit upon this “homeless” scenario!

They hired a copywriter at $25,000 or more to create a sales page that was blasted all over the Net. It caught on and they HAVE BECOME MULTI-MILLIONAIRES selling the very same tools we have at our NO COST EVER Shirt Pocket Millionaires Club!

I actually have to give them credit for writing what I call and teach TRIGGER COPYWRITING that caught the attention of THOUSANDS who have paid for these tools! It was INGENIOUS!

So if it sounds to good to be true it most likely is INGENIOUS marketing! If you want to be that unethical that is between you and your God/conscience.

If you want to REALLY learn the tools these guys SELL then join our NO COST EVER Shirt Pocket Millionaires Club at the header above on this site.

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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