Ideal/Reality Conflict & The Creative Process

Last time we began our discussion of how the IDEAL/REALITY conflict disrupts The Creative Process and causes the SAD (Stress and Depression) Cycle that we become ADDICTED to.

So continuing you might want to know how this does effect The Creative Process. Only when you are living with REALITY and not an IDEAL can you have an effective Creative Process. The Creative Process is about CURRENT REALITY NOT an IDEAL! When I teach The Creative Process I want people to deal with REALITY RIGHT NOW! I want you to see what you have to do NOW to reach your VISION for your life or project!

You see it is the TENSION between your VISION and current REALITY that provides the energy for The Creative Process! For instance, you have a vision of being a DecaMillionaire but CURRENTLY you are broke! So it is the TENSION of your VISION (DecaMillionaire) and your REALITY (broke) that provides the energy to drive The Creative Process. Also it does NOT happen by ENTITLEMENT which might be an IDEAL but is also an ILLUSION – NOT REAL!

By the way, AFFIRMATIONS, do NOT work! Why? When you are affirming your VISION you are subconsciously telling yourself over and over that you are broke instead of affirming you are a DecaMillionaire! The ONLY way you are going to become a DecaMillionaire is to have a PLAN using The Creative Process unless you get rich by playing the lottery, which is less likely than being struck by lightening and killed!

So AFFIRMATIONS kill The Creative Process to get to your VISION of a new REALITY!

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