Ideal/Reality Conflict

I think the SAD Cycle (Stress and Depression) also is one of the reasons for disrupting The Creative Process. When we are ADDICTED to STRESS we can’t be creative! So what can we do?

First we need to break what is called the IDEAL/REALITY Conflict. We all know what an IDEAL is. We have been told since we were kids there were IDEALS we needed to live up to – honesty, integrity, kindness, etc. What we were not told is that the IDEAL is an ILLUSION which is IMPOSSIBLE to live up to. Sure we need to strive towards the IDEAL of honesty, integrity, kindness, etc. But who has determined what is IDEAL? Most likely parents, grand parents, peers, teachers, etc.

Does that mean they are IDEAL for YOU? Not necessarily. For instance, my Mom had an IDEAL for PERFECTION that to this day 66 years later I can’t live up to! PERFECTION ruled her life! The REALITY of the situation is that I’m far from her IDEAL of perfection! IDEAL/REALITY conflict!

We are constantly bombarded by examples of IDEALS by the media. IDEALS of beauty, wealth, health, dress, etc. We have kids today and adults too trying to live up to and be a part of a lifestyle that actually promotes more STRESS!

The REALITY is that we have more OBESITY, less WEALTH and fewer JOBS! You can’t gloss over the FACTS! Playing the lottery expecting all your problems to be solved does NOT work! Also it does not say one place in the US Declaration of Independence or Constitution that you are ENTITLED to excellent health, wealth, a job, a house, a vehicle, etc. It says that you are only ENTITLED to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of happiness! The keyword is PURSUIT! Certainly you can pursue wealth, health, having a job, owning a business, driving a nice vehicle, etc. But you are NOT entitled! PERIOD!

The US government and especially the current administration has tried to make ENTITLEMENT the IDEAL. It is NOT the REALITY! That is why we have the current IDEAL/REALITY conflict that kills The Creative Process!

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