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Hugh Simpson, a descendant of the Scottish Knights Templar, is both a parallel and serial entrepreneur who began his long career as an entrepreneur back in 1973 after a career with CBS News and Post Newsweek.

He completed a Masters in Advertising & Public Relations at the University of Illinois and started a PR consulting business in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida in 1973 that has led him on an adventurous ride through today!

Here are some of his clients he has worked with over four decades as The RealityDesigner:

The late William Thourlby, who was the Original Marlboro Man. He prepared a plan for the marketing of his first book You Are What You Wear and turned it into a bestselling classic. (This was also pre-Internet days when you had to use the Yellow Pages and send out physical press packages with snail mail!). He arranged 99 interviews with top media including the top rated David Suskind Show and Saturday Evening Post.


He was brought in to build DragonCon, now North America’s largest sci-fi/pop culture fan convention, from a 14,000 4 day attendance to its current 65,000 plus attendance. Hecalso arranged for Coke and Subway to become involved with Corporate Sponsorship of DragonCon. For three years he handled all Media Relations for the event.

Nobel Prize nominated author Robert Taylor, who wrote Paradigm, a novel that Business Week called “the DaVinci Code for the Wall Street set”. He also was on the highly rated Coast to Coast AM radio show.

He has even co-produced events like TheGreat American Footrace and The Atlanta English Leather Calendar Challenge.

His biggest event he co-created and produced in 2003 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA was SpyFest where there were 65 stars from TV and film who appeared in James Bond movies, other spy thrillers and TV classics like I Spy. He was able to get the Central Intelligence Agency to bring their private spy collection which had only left the Agency one time before for the opening of the President Reagan Library.


Paul Faso is America’s Photographer beginning back in 1986. Under the authority of the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., Faso’s photographic art was exclusively licensed by the Foundation as “The Official Limited Edition of the Statue of Liberty” for the Centennial Celebration in 1986 as directed by President Ronald Reagan.

Most recent project he has helped Faso with is his The Final Victory, as he has complied his extensive collection of photos taken at the Ali/Spinks fight in New Orleans into a book and ebook.



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