GUARANTEED Wealth Part 4

So by now you should have figured out your MOVEMENTS. For instance mine are blogging, reading email, writing, calling, exercising, eating, researching, free time and videoing. As you will notice I have covered EVERYTHING in my business day and so should you.

Now after determining your MOVEMENTS you need to determine how much TIME you devote to each MOVEMENT. Your business day may be the standard 8 hours. Determine out of that 8 hours how much time you devote to say calling.

Let me give you a very helpful tip my mentor Timothy Ferris, author of the best selling 4 Hour Workweek, taught me.

Timothy like myself has TWO calling MOVEMENTS. One is in the morning for USA EAST coast and the other is in the late day for WEST coast. I schedule my WEST coast calling from 4-5 PM EST. That way I know that the WEST coast clients are back from lunch and at their desk!

Here is another tip that Timothy taught me. Record a voicemail that says something like this:

“I value your call and will be personally returning it between 10-11 AM EST and 4-5 PM EST. If this is an EMERGENCY please TEXT me!”

This eliminates PHONE TAGGING! They know you will not be answering their call unless it is the specified times above! Also they know you will respond to a TEXT and decide if it is truly an EMERGENCY!

These two tips will save you INVALUABLE time for other MOVEMENTS!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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