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So have you been studying the material on locating your NICHE that I have sent you?

So now you need to know if your niche is going to be one that you can earn money with – LOTS of money!

I want you to use one of the tools supplied by Google – Google Analytics. You are going to be able to put in your LONG TAIL KEYWORDS for your niche. For instance, if your niche is fly fishing that is too broad for you to earn money. So why not narrow it further by discussing the equipment or how to best catch the fish. Actually that is too broad. So narrow it further to the best rod to use for fly fishing in USA southern streams. So now your keywords could be: “fly fishing in the south USA”; “fly fishing rods best for southern USA streams”; etc. I think you will find much better long tail keywords if this is your niche.

As you put in the keywords into Google Analytics you will see how many people are searching for specifically fly fishing rods for fishing in southern USA streams. Now I want you to search for SUBSTITUTION keywords like “fly fishing rods best for southern USA RIVERS”.

After doing numerous searches with Google Analytics you are going to see if your niche can earn you the financial goals you have set for yourself. You may have to either narrow it further or expand. Believe me a niche like “fly fishing” is definitely a money maker!

Next I want you to go to Google Search and put in your long tail keywords. When you do you will notice Adword ads appearing on the page. I want you to do a thorough search of these current ads and see what others are doing in your niche. Read through their ads and even bookmark them for further reference. I want you to also create what we call in the advertising and copywriting world a “swipe file”.

This can be a file on your computer where you place HEADLINES from the Adword ads that caught your attention. Remember with Adwords you have a very limited amount of space to write your ad. It MUST catch people’s attention or they will move on to another one that does. Also try to remember if the particualr Adwords ad caught YOUR attention when you started reading through them. You are the EXPERT in your niche and should subconsciously be alerted to the keywords in the ads that catch your attention.

Also in your swipe file you may want to add sentences that also catch your attention from the different ads. Now you are not going to copy them verbatim in your own ad copy but use the info in the ad for your ad copy. You will eventually take the ad copy from these ads and rearrange them for your copy which we call “spinning” the ad copy. Actually there is software on the market that successfully take someone’s ad copy and spins it so it is not an exact copy of the ad copy that you have in your swipe file! Sure wish I had this when I was writing ad copy in graduate school!

Next post we are going to discuss how you can legally spy on your competition for your niche!

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