DecaMillionaireship & Serial Entrepreneurship

Let’s discuss what you MIGHT have to do if you want to be truly RICH as in a “DecaMillionaire.”

First, you must COMMIT to yourself that you will be like a warrior when it comes to this goal. You can’t WISH and succeed. NEVER happen! You have to COMMIT with your entire body, mind and soul!

This means giving up checking your email texts every time you think about it. Remember we discussed the difference between URGENT and IMPORTANT. For you it means only dealing with the IMPORTANT as it relates to your goal to be VERY rich. Remember today it takes a $10,000,000 of NET worth to equal what use to be a millionaire even in the 1960s! As of 2011 it was reported that there were 12,500,000 millionaire households world wide and the US had the lion’s share – 5,200,000. Also there were 2,692 US households that were worth more than $100,000,000!

So as you can see from these statistics if your goal is to be a millionaire today you will only have a net worth of $100,000 in US 1960s dollars! NOT too exciting.

That is why I am launching the Serial Entrepreneurs Association because in today’s world you have a better chance of becoming a DecaMillionaire with more than one business. Remember it takes a NET worth of $10,000,000 or more to qualify to be a 1960’s MILLIONAIRE. Do you think that if you had more than one PROFITABLE egg in your XtremeJoy financial basket that you would have a better chance of making that DecaMillionaire goal?

You must be COMMITTED and DEDICATED to wanting to become RICH like DecaMillionaires do!

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