If You Want to Make God Laugh

Yes, as bestselling author Barry Gibbons shares in his hilarious but highly informative MUST read if you want to make, God really laugh, show him your business plan the so-called sacred business plan should be written if you insist and then taken and either shredded or put in a BOTTOM drawer of your desk!

Barry, who is the former Chairman and CEO of Burger King has 101 Universal Laws of Business and EVERY ONE can help you in your business and personal life. It is actually one of the handful of business books that will sit in my library.

Here are some of those Universal Laws.

“Deal with people individually as if you were dealing with your favorite sister. If you don’t have a favorite sister, then the hell with it – imagine YOURSELF on the receiving end.”

“If you wouldn’t spend your OWN (my emphasis) money on a business project, don’t spend somebody else’s.”

“If this business communication wouldn’t fool your mother, start again.

“Every employee should have a mentor as well as a boss.”

“If a customer has one genuine grievance, do two things to solve it.”

“People are coin operated. Period. Understand that and do not patronize them.”

“Share the rewards from any corporate gain with those who gained it.”

“Getting rid of people does not cut costs, the same way that cutting budgets does not cut costs. ONLY CUTTING COSTS cuts costs.”

I think that you can already see the value of his 101 Universal Laws. All the rest are as beneficial as these and you will find them in his MUST read book!

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