Youthing Part 6

I am sure you have seen those science fiction movies that talked about OTHER realities? Well now we know they REALLY do exists! Theoretical physicists study what are called “parallel universes” very similar to the ones that were shown on the popular TV show Sliders.

We have heard numerous times that what we are PERCEIVING as REALITY is only OUR perception of it. EVERYBODY has their OWN perception of what is happening. You might see today as wonderful because the rain is helping the vegetation. Another person might see the rain as a “bummer” because it has mesed up his/her planned outing!

So would not your life be better if you just FLOWED with it?

Also you have probably heard the New Age gurus say that you CREATE your own life script. Well that has been also backed up by physics. Physicists have demonstrated how the atoms are truly influenced by our thoughts. They can go from matter to energy and back with just the thoughts of the physicist observing them!

So get in the habit of creating your OWN life script and FLOWING with it! This leads to LESS STRESS and that prevents aging!

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