Youthing Part 5

Ever heard this before: “FLOW WITH IT”? That use to be a favorite saying in the 1960s of the hippies and I actually had on my voice mail: “Have a wonderful day and FLOW WITH IT!”

Remember when we were discussing “chi” which is the energy used in the eastern martial arts like my Ninja training? That energy is referring to the same as when I said FLOW WITH IT.

Another old hippie guru said: “DON’T PUSH THE RIVER.” Rivers have a NATURAL flow to them just like the “chi” energy. You don’t have to give a raging river any more help! I am sure you have seen those disaster TV news segments where a usually gentle river is able to literally move a house! Rivers have a natural EBB and FLOW. So does our lives!

When we don’t FLOW WITH IT or try to PUSH life we cause STRESS which we know ages us. So don’t PUSH THE RIVER of your life – EBB and FLOW WITH IT!


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