Youthing Part 2

Let’s continue the processes and techniques that I have found that lead to Youthing.

Here is something that I read: “Energy is NOT what you DO, it is how you are!”

We are a society that thinks that the more we DO the more we are considered worthwhile and successful. However, this constant state of DOING leads to STRESS. STRESS ages you! As I mentioned before it is perfectly alright to stop and smell the roses. You might have heard of “chi” which refers to energy as related to Eastern martial arts and health. This chi also has been shown to keep one from aging. It is is not an energy that is always in motion. It has the ability to become perfectly still and produce MORE beneficial energy! It is the energy that as a martial artist in Ninja training I used to get centered to perform my movements. It is the same energy that has CURED cancer in patients in Chinese hospitals.

The usual energy we use is related to the SAD (Stress and Depression) Cycle. We become STRESSED when we are always DOING as mentioned above. The human brain believes that the only way it can survive is keep you STRESSED! So it wants you CONSTANTLY active. This CONSTANT activity will eventually cause you to go from STRESSFUL to DEPRESSED!

You may have heard the statement that you should first BE, then DO and you will then HAVE. This is what I do with the XtremeJoy Lifestyle!

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