Youthing Part 1

I have found numerous techniques and processes that keep me from aging. Today I begin to share them with you.

First staying POSITIVE is not some New Age psychobabble. Research has shown the white cells related to immunity and aging INCREASE when we have POSITIVE thoughts/outlook on life. These are the cells better known as T-cells that fight aging, cancer, AIDS, diabetes, etc.

Second, research has demonstrated that the more XtremeJoy you experience in life the more likely you are going to remember your dreams. So why is remembering your dreams important to Youthing? Well some of my dreams have led to wonderful new projects. When we are doing what we enjoy research shows that because we are under less STRESS we age LESS! The more we STRESS the more we age!

Third, even though we learned that SELF-ESTEEM is NEVER determined by others, it is still important because when it is YOU determining your SELF-ESTEEM then you have the opportunity to run your life as you see fit. That means that it is alright to spend time PLAYING, having FUN and taking life to the XtremeJoy state and that in turn keeps you YOUTHFUL!

Fourth, I believe the Diet of XtremeJoy can lead to Youthing. So what is this miracle diet? ALWAYS eat with people you enjoy eating with. Eat SLOWLY and do NOT do ANYTHING besides eating and talking with others. No work, reading, playing video games, surfing the Net, etc. When you have finished eating do not rush back to work. RELAX and REST! Eat ONLY when you are HUNGRY. FOCUS on each bite of food and savor the taste and texture. Do NOT drink alcohol or smoke with your meal. There is the Diet of XtremeJoy that can lead to Youthing!

More of my techniques and processes for Youthing in the next post!

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