Along with my XtremeJoy lifestyle I have also discovered XtremePlay and I will be sharing these also at these blog posts as I did with XtremeJoy web site.

I have been reading some very interesting research that offered me an AWESOME AHA!

Play = Creativity = Wealth!

The more you PLAY the more you open up your CREATIVITY. In fact only through a mindset of PLAY can you become more creative.

I discovered a book entitled Simple Fun (SEE RESOURCES) by Dr. Gary Krane. Dr. Gary like myself WAS a self proclaimed work-a-holic. It was while trying to develop more “quality time” with his family that he found what I will be sharing with you.

He found and I already knew that Europeans and particularly Greeks/Spainards/Italians think we are NUTS with our “work-work” work-a-holic attitude. Are you aware that in most European countries it is STANDARD practice to take ONE MONTH annually for vacation? They also take off from 2-5 PM every work day to rest! Can you imagine that! Sure they usually go back to work for several hours in the evening but that several hour break can do wonders to relieve stress and promote better health.

Also they are into PLAY more than we are. For instance they leave their smart phones and computers HOME during their vacation. They are not dividing so called “quality time” between texting/reading email/listening to voice mails/answering calls/replying to texting, voice mails and emails and the REAL vacation activities like PLAY!

Would you find it surprising to find that the US leads most nations in heart attacks and other stress related diseases?

But what really fascinated me was the correlation between PLAY and CREATIVITY leading to more SUCCESS and WEALTH!

When you begin to think about it, it should not come as a surprise that PLAY and CREATIVITY go hand in hand. As Dr. Kane says scientific research is PLAYING around with possibilities that lead to discoveries like Edison’s light bulb, Singer’s sewing machine, Tesla’s zero-point energy projects, etc. Also is not art, music, writing, designing, creating products/services, etc. PLAYING with images, words, symbols, ideas, concepts, things and OURSELVES?

A perfect example would be all the incredible products that originated at Apple. The late Steven Jobs KNEW the value of CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION and PLAY. Did not the I-pod, I-phone and now I-pad REVOLUTIONIZE the way we are communicating today? Also have not these and other products on the drawing board at Apple contributed to the multi-BILLIONS of Apple and Steven Jobs’ wealth? Ditto for other products and services associated with Disney, Sony, Google, Ford, the Trump empire, etc.

So if you knew that XtremePlay would not only lead to better “quality time” but also would INCREASE your level of CREATIVITY which could lead to a more healthy lifestyle with more MONEY in your pockets would you not want to learn more?

In the XtremePlay area I am going to share some FUN-filled activites that you can do by yourself and with family, friends and even co-workers that cost you NO money!

Also here I will also be sharing next some of the ground rules for XtremePlay.

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