XtremeOwnership Part 2

In their Extreme Ownership former US Navy SEALS Jocko and Leif say that the second aspect of SEAL training demonstrates that there are NO BAD TEAMS ONLY BAD LEADERS!

They give the example of two LEADERS of boat crews in Hell Week at Coronado when Leif was in charge of the training. Team 2 is kicking ass while Team 6 is looking like a washout.

Team 6’s LEADER is yelling and cursing at his team members for continuing to come in last! When asked to explain he BLAMES his fellow team members and gives EXCUSES. He is NOT exhibiting XTREMEOWNERSHIP!

Team 2’s LEADER is the epitome of XTREMEOWNERSHIP – he takes charge and SUPPORTS his team. He takes FULL RESPONSIBILITY and that leads to win after win for Team 2!

Leif decides to change the LEADER of 6 with the leader of 2. So what happens?

Team 2 still wins but NOT because of its new leader but because of what its previous leader instilled in his team! Team 6 begins to move from last place to second place! It is because of their new leader instilling his XTREMEOWNERSHIP mindset into them that he had previously taught Team 2

This is what we are lacking in the USA – XTREMEOWNERSHIP! We have our leaders in both government and business using EXCUSES and BLAME and NOT taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY! Unfortunately we see it on personal levels too!

We will only get America back on track when we take XTREMEOWNERSHIP and FIRE BAD LEADERS!

Hugh Simpson

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