XtremeJoy Lifestyle for Youthing

I’m sure you have heard the famous “twins” story as related by Einstein explaining relativity. He set up the following scenario. One of the twins stays here on Earth while the other one goes on a trip into space at the speed of light and then returns. Well the earth bound twin would be OLDER than his twin! Why? The space bound twin’s biological clock moved SLOWER because of the speed with which it was traveling than the earth bound twin. He had YOUTHED!

Here is a way you could do the same but with a steep price! Research has shown that a STRESS addicted person’s biological clock runs SLOWER. So if that stress addict continued his/her lifestyle he/she would stay youthful. Fortunately or unfortunately from your point of view that will NEVER happen because the stress cycle leads to the depression cycle or SAD as we have discussed before. This causes the break of the stress cycle resetting the biological clock.

So how can you still be Youthing without the SAD cycle?

Practice the Principles of XtremeJoy Lifestyle discussed here in this blog so that you have a SPIRIT directed life instead of a clock directed one leading to the SAD cycle!

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