Why This Is My ONLY Drug

Let’s continue our discussion of that XtremeJoy drug – ENDORPHINS.

It is FREE!

It is MORE addictive than heroin! !

It is what gives you a XtremeJoy super immune system and promotes healing!

It produces a euphoria unlike ANY other human experience!

It produces the HIGHEST state of well being and strength!

It is both an “upper” and a “downer” but keeps you TOTALLY balanced!

It is the STRONGEST painkiller in the world! Researchers believe that at the time of death our body dumps its supply of endorphins. People report just before death they feel intense PEACE and XTREMEJOY even in the depths of cancer.

It alters the way you view the world without causing damage!

Best of all it is LEGAL!

Research has found at least 200 different neurotransmitter systems in our brain related to the endorphin pathways; however these researchers have barely tapped the potential of endorphins as only about 30% of the pathways have been researched!

The 21st century has the potential of making ENDORPHINS the drug of choice!

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