What’s Your NEXT ACT?

I’m on  a mission  to  eliminate  the  word  RETIREMENT  from your vocabulary  and most importantly  mindset!

To me when I  think  of  the word  RETIREMENT  I think  of my Dad. He had a FULL-OUT ADVENTURE  LIFESTYLE  and should have NEVER  retired  from  what  he LOVE  to do. He had been in management  in the building  materials  business  for over 30 years. He loved working  with the contractors that came into the store. He loved working  with the African  Americans  like Stoney and Calvin who were at my Dad’s funeral  – almost 6 MONTHS  to the day he RETIRED! He died at 67 years young and on March 4th of this year – 2016 – I will have outlived him by almost 4 years!

Why? Because I have ELIMINATED  the NEGATIVE  word RETIREMENT  from my mind set  and plan to do my NEXT ACT and NEXT ACT until I go home to God!

How about you?

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson 
Reality Designer 

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