Walt Disney City

Walt Disney City


Yes, this is my BIGGEST project EVER! The photo you see above is my hand drawn card I carry with me to remind me to FINISH as Coach Saban kept telling his players right through till their WIN as 2015 National Champs! Uncle Walt would agree!

Before we get into this project I would like to share with you the presentation that was made to the Florida legislature about Disney World coming to Florida.  I knew about it because when it was first being hinted at I was a student at Rollins College in Winter Park.

Little did I know that less than 10 years later I would be the CBS reporter assigned to cover the groundbreaking of Disney World!  There I had the pleasure of meeting my hero’s brother, Roy Disney, and interviewing him.  He told me that Walt KNEW just exactly what he wanted for Disney World even though he died before it was a reality.

Roy said that Walt would bring in the staff into his hospital room and he would even to his last days be so excited with helping them to visualize what the project would look like as he stared at the ceiling, which for Walt had become the master plan blueprint for the project. Roy said that everyone involved with the project also began to visualize the blueprint on the ceiling!

So here is the presentation to the Florida legislature:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What you may not have known is that Walt was a huge fan of the great futurist Buckminster Fuller who created the geodesic dome.  I was fortunate years later to learn about domes and develop a passion for them from my mentor, Marshall Thurber, who spent 9 years as the right-hand man to “Bucky” as he was affectionately called.

So Walt had planned to incorporate in his CITY a glass-covered dome that would cover 50 acres which is approximately 1/2 mile! Unfortunately at the time that was impossible but I now have talked to architects and engineers that believe we can do it!

Here is what my good friend, Pat Williams, author of How to be Like Walt, says about Walt’s concept for EPCOT – Experimental City of Tomorrow:

“Picture a city laid out in concentric circles, with a glass-domed, fifty acre air-conditioned hub, with People-Movers radiating out from that hub and Monorails circling the city.  The gentle whoosh of Disney’s mass-transit system would make smoggy, car-clogged streets a thing of the past.  EPCOT’s hub would be a commercial center with gleaming high-rise office buildings, convention centers, entertain complexes and hotels.

“Surrounding the city hub would be a well-planned, tree-lined districts with recreational facilities, schools, churches, sports complexes, shopping districts, and residential neighborhoods.  Homes would back up to lush green parks.  Children would have room to play.  There would be no traffic jams, no traffic cops, no traffic lights, because there would be no traffic.  Cars would be used only for out-of-town trips.  Trucks and other commercial traffic would move unseen through underground tunnels.

“American companies would bring their newest innovations to EPCOT to demonstrate and test them in a real urban environment.  Those companies would underwrite the costs of EPCOT with their sponsorship.”

Walt visualized a city that would be the GREENEST city in the world with the latest in innovation and technology.  People from all over the world would participate in a lottery where they would win the right to live for one year at EPCOT.  They would be required to keep a diary of what they experienced during that time.  It looks like the ideal population would be between 30,000-50,000.  These are the numbers that past urban experts have considered as the ideal city size.

As I mentioned above,  we have the technology available to build this 1/2 mile wide glass- domed  hub.  My company has been involved with dome building for years and I have made contact with the company that built the domes at the Beijing Olympics.  We have also had a crack meteorology team from Atlanta determined the SAFESTplace to build Walt Disney City. The results showed that the area around Las Vegas would be ideal.

We plan to work very closely with UNLV as they offer excellent departments in Architecture, Business and Environmental Studies.  Of course, we will also work with any university, organization or group that can make this project a reality.

Estimated time from CONCEPT to REALITY – 10 years. Cost – $1,000,000,000 or more.