Walden by Thoreau Part 1

You might wonder why I selected to share for next several days what the great American writer Henry David Thoreau has to say in his classic Walden.

I was blown away when I started reading it!

Thoreau could have been speaking about today! Read below these quotes and reflect on them:

1. “We now no longer camp as for a night, but have settled down on earth and forgotten heaven.”

2. “The cart before the horse is neither beautiful nor useful.”

3. “The student who secures his coveted leisure and retirement by systematically shirking any labor necessary to man obtains but an ignoble and unprofitable leisure, defrauding himself of the experience which alone can make leisure fruitful.”

4. “How could youths better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living? Methinks this would exercise their minds as much as mathematics.”

5. “Which would have advanced the most at the end of a month—the boy who had made his own jackknife from the ore which he had dug and smelted, reading as much as would be necessary for this—or the boy who had attended the lectures on metallurgy at the Institute in the meanwhile, and had received a Rodgers’ penknife from his father?”

Here is your Touchstone for today from Kate Schrader Shawgo:

“Your heart holds the Divine blueprint.”

Hugh Simpson

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