Update on Dunan Systems

As you remember in my previous post I told you that I had been asked to join as a partner in a cool green carbon-fiber aircraft manufacturing company Dunan Systems.

I mentioned I think that I came up with the idea of relocating to Kitty Hawk NC area because of the pioneering Wright Brothers. The founder Jeff thought this was fabulous!

So I called over to Kitty Hawk NC and found what I thought might be the ideal place for us. I also told my long time friend Harry about this opportunity and said that he might be able to help us because his long time friend is the Secretary of State of North Carolina, Elaine Marshall.

He talked to her and she told Harry to have me call her right away! I called Secretary Marshall and she suggested what she thought would be the IDEAL place: Global TransPark.

Interestingly I had read about Global TransPark several years ago in I think the New York Times. It seems that the state of North Carolina had sunk a HUGE amount of money into this venture hoping to make the premiere aircraft related industrial park on the East Coast with an 11,500 foot runway!

She confirmed that what I had read was true and until recently had been considered to have been a huge mistake. However now a major carbon-fiber company that manufactures for Boeing has relocated there and are very happy! Secretary Marshall also said that the timing for us could be perfect to get a great deal before it takes off!

So it looks like we will be journeying to Global TransPark to see it for ourselves in possibly late January.

Keep you updated!

Hugh Simpson

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