TV Project with Tablets Part 2

FINALLY Amazon asked me how I liked the experience of the FIRE tablet.

Believe me I let them have it saying with our project we would give it an F!

Now for the NEXTBOOK we bought at Walmart for $99.95.

It also would get an F!


First it has Windows 10 which EVERYONE I have spoken to HATES! Microsoft seems to NEVER learn the lesson of STOP upgrading to versions that are WORST than previous ones!

The attached keyboard is as BAD as all the previous ones I have used! The MAJORITY of the time it leaves out VOWELS as I type!

So WHY does the Nextbook NOT have all the GMAIL FOLDERS synched like even the Fire does or is that because it is using F rated Windows 10? Also when it does display the emails in the folders it only shows on the screen the ones for the last 30 days! In one case it said it could not find the emails when the Fire showed them going back 6 months!

I HATE the split screen that Windows 10 shows on the Nextbook! How do I get rid of that?

The BATTERY TIME on the Nextbook reminds me of the days in the early 21st century and not 2017!

We are planning to make videos of both the Fire and Nextbook being used!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News Consumer Reporter

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