TV Project with Tablets Part 1

I am involved in a potential TV project involving TABLETS like the Amazon Fire.

We purchased the Fire at Kmart for under $50!

We realize now that the Fire is NOT a workhorse for business!

It is fine for viewing YouTube, blog posting on WordPress, working Social Media, watching Prime movies, reading ebooks, etc.

We were told by Amazon Fire rep that the INTERNAL STORAGE can NOT be increased and the majority of the apps we have on it can NOT be stored EXTERNALLY!

Writing on their current internal keyboard is squirrelly! For instance if you are typing a H you most of the time get either Y or B!

So the Amazon rep suggested DELETING emails from my GMAIL account! I thought GMAIL email was NOT even stored on a computer but in a cloud!

So if you want to use this tablet for business and writing like I do, it FAILS!

Next we test the Nextbook tablet with Windows 10.

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News Consumer reporter

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