TV Internet Marketing Project Part 5

I am gathering AMMO for this potential TV special on INTERNET MARKETING and here is an email that I received from Internet Marketers Jason & Will of a new program FunnelHD.

“Hi Hugh,

“As you recall when you signed up for the free FunnelHD course we told you that participation was mandatory in order for you to keep the course for free.

“The course is already under way. There have been two weekly live sessions and the third one is scheduled for this week.

“Our records indicate you have not participated in the training, therefore we will be cancelling your account by the end of the week.

(WRONG! As I explained to them I HAD PARTICIPATED in the first session and this week is NOT over yet!)

“Once the course is completed, in approximately one month, we will be selling the course. While we do not know the price yet, we expect it will sell for around $200.

“We would LOVE for you to still have it for free, if you want it.

” All you have to do is watch the recordings that are already in the members area and do the homework, then attend the future trainings (or watch the replays) on a weekly basis, and do the homework…”

So after looking at first video I went to the SUGGESTED sites that I am sure they are Affiliates of which does not bother me. However the course is ONE MONTH long and the first suggested source only offered a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL! I would have to pay for this source from their buddy RUSSELL BRUNSON who has been pushing product on the Net since I became involved in 2000. Granted the software looked cool but I was NOT about to lay out money during this trial time while I am beta testing THEIR product!

I am sure the other sources would have been the same SHORT trial time and I could have been laying out potentially up to a THOUSAND DOLLARS on them!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER reporter

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