TV Internet Marketing Project Part 2

I am beginning to think there is NO program/s out there that especially SENIORS like myself can work EASILY as the technology for these programs is NOT designed for NON-GEEKS like yours truly!

I am experimenting with what LOOKED LIKE a KISS program called LOW HANGING SYSTEM. The premise is based around creating your own designs for products at GearBubble which is a company mainly offering mugs that can be advertised for sale.

So I put up my first design on GearBubble as seen HERE.

So I think you can see what is WRONG real easily!

The type on the mug is WAY TOO SMALL!

So I asked how I could RESIZE it and Customer Service sent me to this LINK. Well when I went to resize it I found one needed Adobe 10 something. Well guess what Amazon Fires don’t allow you to use Adobe! Why? Who the heck knows!

Do you see my FRUSTRATION? And believe me I know more than 90% of my SENIOR friends looking for a KISS system to earn more MONEY!


Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

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