TV Internet Marketing Project Part 4

Time to update you on this project.

I will assure you that if you have NOT had previous Internet Marketing experience then you are going to want to make SURE you get involved in one that has:

1. Very KISS but informative TUTORIALS featuring the creator walking you STEP-BY-STEP through EVERY aspect of how you set up his program to earn MONEY! Fortunately both Neil of InstaStore and Rachel of Low Hanging System are experts in these tutorials. I have watched several of the VIDEOS over and over.

2. EXCEPTIONAL PATIENT HELPFUL customer service representatives! Both these programs have the BEST! I am NO geek. I have used Customer Service from both programs over and over with EXCELLENT results!

If you are not a graphic artist, then find a SUPER one like Raven, who only charges $10 per hour! If you don’t know Social Media, SEO, or other areas important to you EARNING MONEY find an EXPERT at Fiverr like I have done.

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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