To Be Effective – OUTSOURCE

Continuing our discussion of ELIMINATING in both your person and business life for 2012 and beyond, would it also not make sense to ELIMINATE what you are NOT either PASSIONATE about or EFFECTIVE with?

As I have mentioned before I am PASSIONATE about WRITING the content you are reading and hopefully being EFFECTIVE at the same time. |I will be EFFECTIVE if you also succeed and fulfill your GOALS/DREAMS.

I am a fairly decent video editor but my partner, Don, LOVES to edit video! He will spend HOURS taking raw footage and turning them into masterpieces. However when I need a “down and dirty” quick video that gets the point across I do it since I do not need an Academy Award winner to get my point/s across!

I am also a good videographer but Joe Gora is a PRO! He has had an illustrious career with NBC News having been the one in charge of Princess Diana’s wedding! So when we begin to produce our new TV series Southern Nights Joe will direct his team for the shoot.

So to be EFFECTIVE I OUTSOURCE as we have discussed before. You can OUTSOURCE almost anything you can imagine: writing blogs, Twittering, updating your LinkedIn info, SEO, video editing, shooting your videos, writing content for autoresponders, shopping for family and friends, travel arrangements, etc. There is one source you can explore called Fiverr that has EXPERTS that will handle your projects for $5 per project!

So to become EFFECTIVE in your life OUTSOURCE!

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