Tiny Gaia Homes

This is a project that I am VERY passionate about ever since I learned of Buckminster Fuller, creator of the geodesic dome and author of Spaceship Earth. I was fortunate to be mentored by the right hand man to Bucky for two years. Then I learned to build the DODECAHEDRON dome you see below.

20141208-092603.jpgThis dodecahedron dome I build is the STRONGEST dome structure therefore making it the strongest structure on Planet Earth. It can withstand sustained winds of 200 mph,15 foot wave surges, and has through testing withstood the four most powerful earthquakes in US history as simulated with applied 50,000 pounds per square inch where the dome did not move one inch!

My domes are made of 2x6s, 3/4inch interior/exterior plywood triangles and covered with the all green product HydroStop™. The 2x6s and their plywood hub connectors use no nails, screws, latches, bolts/nuts but instead wooden dowels. The plywood triangles are either nailed on or Liquid Nailed™ or both. Then the HydroStop™ is brushed on – lasting approximately 10 years before re-brushing.

My domes are very low maintenance with no soffets and only require an annual washing down of the exterior. You should have no problems with dry rot or insect infestation.

Are you aware that a dome is what is called a “heat sink” which automatically without additional heating or cooling equipment makes the dome warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Domes require very little extra insulation to obtain a comfortable R-Factor.

If I build your dome then my crew of four trained experts can put up the 2×6 superstructure of a 32 foot diameter dome in one day! The second day we put on the plywood triangles. Finally we brush on the HydroStop™ the third day. We require you to have the concrete foundation poured at least three weeks before we arrive to construct your dome. We also ask you to place the plumbing and electrical outlets in the foundation as we designate.

Of course since the 2x6s and hub connectors are color coded you can learn very quickly to build everything yourself with either family and or friends pitching in. Children love to help as our dome is one gigantic Tinkertoy™!

As they so wisely say now a VIDEO is worth a thousand words! By the way this video was shot years ago and the contact info and web site are INCORRECT. If interested use the REPLY area BELOW.

This dome definitely adheres to what I discovered while I was re-reading David Pearson’s classic The New Natural House Book (see Resources), which came about because David took one of Helmut Zeihe’s workshops we offered.

David talks about the Gaia concept which basically says that Planet Earth is a living breathing entity that has its water systems acting as a human’s blood and arteries and the trees especially as rainforest acting as the lungs.

He has included what is called The Gaia House Charter which I have adopted.

Design for HARMONY with Planet Earth

1. Use the sun, wind and water for most of your energy needs and site and shelter your living space to take advantage of renewable resources.

2. Use GREEN products that are produced with the least amount of energy, environmental and social costs. Use products that are BIODEGRADABLE, easily REUSED and RECYCLED.

3. Use “intelligent” controls in design or renovation of the living space that regulate energy, heating, cooling, water, airflow and lighting.

4. Integrate your home with local ECOSYSTEM and COMPOST, use NATURAL pest control, recycle rainwater, and use low-flush or waterless toilets.

5. Design systems that prevent export of pollution to air, water and soil.


1. Make your living space HARMONIOUS with its environment.

2. Collaborate to develop a HOLISTIC, LIVING design.

3. Use proportions, forms and shapes HARMONIOUSLY creating BEAUTY and TRANQUILITY.

4. Use NATURAL dyes, paints and stains to create a PERSONAL and THERAPEUTIC color environment.

5. Site your living space to be LIFE ENHANCING and increase the wellbeing and life force of its occupants.

6. Connect your living space with the NATURAL world and the rhythms and cycles of Planet Earth.

7. Make your living space a HEALING environment.


1. Create a living space that BREATHES!

2. Do not site or build near ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION! Also stay away from negative ground radiation. Design to prevent build-up of static and EMF.

3. Provide sources of SAFE and HEALTHY air and water. Create good humidity, negative-ion balance and pleasant fragrance from herbs, materials and polishes. Use NATURAL air flow and ventilation.

4. Create a QUIET living space free from external and internal noise.

5. Design to allow SUNLIGHT and DAYLIGHT to penetrate your living space so you do not have to rely on artificial lighting.

Yes this is a tall order but I believe this is no longer a hoped for way of building and renovating but a MUST!

When David wrote this book (available at our RESOURCES area) close to 25 years ago we were not at the dangerous tipping point we are today!

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