Time to WAKEUP!

Yes I overheard someone say something about me that PISSED me off big time! She and her neighbor were discussing me thinking I did not hear. WRONG!

What it amounted to was that they were laughing about what they called my “Launch of the Week” and that I had delusions of granddure or however the word is spelled!

Well that set me off shooting the finger in their direction and swearing I would become so damn RICH I would leave those two MFs in the dust!

Finally I cooled down and asked God for forgiveness of those thoughts because all it did was send my blood pressure skyrocketing! Heck they still don’t know I shot them birds and cussed them out silently!

However what it did do is make me realize as much as I tell myself and others the millions don’t matter to me IT MATTERS TO THEM! They are so caught up in being rich (she is broke now) that they can’t see that I just would like to create other millionaires besides myself!

So I finally see that in order to get CREDIBILITY with these type of people I have to set a goal to be MF FILTHY RICH and that is what I have decided to do to shut them up for good!

Sad state of affairs when this has to be done to gain CREDIBILITY!

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