The XtremeJoy Lifestyle

First I discussed at the XtremeJoy web site (that was hacked) the XtremeJoy Lifestyle I have developed for my own life. Fotunately I saved almost all the previous blog posts! So let’s get started!

We have talked about SIMPLIFYING and eliminating PERFECTIONISM from your XtremeJoy Lifestyle. We have discovered the very important 80/20 Rule that says that we get 80% of our results from only 20% of our efforts. So you can see that this really does SIMPLIFY your life. You definitely do not have to work hard but SMART and these XtremeJoy Principles you are learning will help you like they have helped me.

As you will discover as you learn to use my system at the 90/10 Club you will spend less time and effort on things that are not your strengths and then find others that you can OUTSOURCE to whose strengths are your weaknesses!

When you follow these and other XtremeJoy Principles you will ELIMINATE BOREDOM from your life!

Today we are going to discuss how you can begin to also RENT the XtremeJoy Lifestyle as we also have shown in previous posts that my good friend Paul taught me.

First you need to make a list of DREAMS/TOYS/GOALS that you want to accomplish. Just let your imagination run wild and do not limit yourself! Remember with the XremeJoy Lifestyle we dream and think HUGE! All my mentors including Donald Trump say that you must NEVER limit yourself! ALWAYS thing BIG!

Now that you have a list I want you to look at this list and see FOUR that you could accomplish in 6 MONTHS. Let’s say that you want to travel to a private island for a dream-of-a-lifetime vacation where you are treated like royalty. We set up these vacations for clients and know the investment it takes. For our example we will use $10,000.

Now I know what you are thinking: “Are you crazy! You are telling me that I can have the funds for this $10,000 week vacation within 6 months? You have to be smoking something illegal to believe that could happen!”

Remember I said dream and think HUGE! Sure this is a HUGE goal for you if you have never taken a vacation that costs more than $1000 per week. Also it might have taken you a year to save up the money to do this. Now you are asking me to find the money for a vacation that will costs TEN times more and also have that amount in 6 MONTHS or less.

YES, it can be done! Here is where most people just give up and say: “May be when I retire I can that.”

Earlier we talked about MINI RETIREMENT vacations. This is going to be your first one.

Now I want you to take that $10,000 and divide by 6 MONTHS. My calculator says that comes to $1667.67 per month. This number should be easier for you to deal with. This might be a monthly mortage payment. I am certainly not advocating that you try to sell your house ASAP and then take the money and do the vacation. Most likely now you would find it a problem to sell your house in this depressed market.

However I am saying that you could with my system at the 90/10 Club earn that $1667.67 per month as many people using it have done before.

Let’s further divide this $10,000 into WEEKS and now we find that it takes $384.62 per week to earn that $10,000 vacation. Even looking better! People earn that much through selling on eBay or Afffiliate Marketing.

Are you seeing now that the reason most people never live the XtremeJoy Lifestyle is that they see the LONG TERM dream/goal as unattainable because they focus on the AMOUNT and not breaking it down into DOABLE units like months, weeks or days?

I want you to work just on ONE 6 MONTHS dream/goal starting right NOW!

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