The Ultimate Cold Case Part 1

I am going to start preparing for the ULTIMATE COLD CASE! When this one is solved it will be hailed as the greatest closing of a case EVER!

This cold case involves my ancestors – The Knights Templar and goes back to the Christian Crusades in Jerusalem. The Templars had an ulterior motive for going to Jerusalem besides protecting the pilgrims. They seem to have discovered in Europe an ancient tablet that was written during the times of King Solomon. It seem to tell the last location of THE ARK OF THE COVENANT!

When they arrived in Jerusalem the king said they could stay anywhere they wanted in the area of what had been King Solomon’s massive palace grounds. So why did they choose the former stables of King Solomon which were not the most inviting digs?

They said they stayed there because they had taken the vow of poverty. What if that was just a cover so they could explore that area without being afraid of being watched.

I have studied my ancestors in great depth and I truly believe they were really there to take THE ARK out of its hidden place in the stable area which I believe was revealed in that tablet they found in Europe!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
Reality Designer

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