The ONLY Drug I Am Taking

I grew up in the Hippie Generation when it was supposedly cool to use every kind of drug you can imagine – marijuana, mescaline and LSD being the drugs perferred by my friends. Some also ventured into more dangerous drugs like cocaine, angel dust and heroine.

Now those same friends are taking medically described drugs for everything you can imagine. They have loaded their bodies with antidepressants, antipsychotics, neuroleptics, lithium and methylphenidate to name a few. Their kids are now also experimenting with meth and even weirder concoctions.

Sure I tried MaryJane and even tasted coke once. But that was it! Currently I do not take ANY prescribed drugs. Also I have NO heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. All my experimenting friends are suffering from numerous complications and disabilities.

I did discover one cool drug that I enjoyed when I took up triathlons and biathlons – endorphins! Well those brain-induced drugs like endorphins are the ones of XtremeJoy!

Why not get ADDICTED to these XtremeJoy drugs and stay physically active!

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