The Legal Drugging of America Part 6

As I mentioned in previous post I was learning to FOCUS. FOCUS is VERY difficult for serial entrepreneurs like myself. We see projects to get involved in everywhere! We are also if MALE very likely to be ADD! The research that my ADD therapist, Pete, shared with me confirmed that there were way more MALE entrepreneurs with ADD than female. Of course there were way more MALE entrepreneurs than female in the early 1990s.

Also I overheard Pete talking to another client on the phone and what he told that person cleared up the YEARS of why I struggled with ADD – ALL “blue babies” are ADD! If you are not familiar with what a “blue baby” is Google it. In a nutshell it is a baby who did not get the required amount of oxygen to the brain. I was one of those 1946 “blue babies”!

It was a tremendous relief to know where my ADD had come from!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
DRUG FREE Serial Entrepreneur

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