The Legal Drugging of America Part 3

As I mentioned in previous post I chucked the Ritalin they prescribed at Florida State University counseling services and TOUGHED IT OUT with NO drugs!

Many years later at 50 years young I discovered ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder – after taking a quiz to determine if I was ADD. I passed with FLYING COLORS!

Shortly I heard a guest on Atlanta talk radio talking about how he had overcome his ADD. It intrigued me enough to contact him. At the time I had a TV show that featured holistic approaches to health and fitness. I offered him the opportunity to test me for ADD and use me as a subject for his ADD program. We would then discuss it on my show. He agreed.

I went to his office where he showed the EGG he was going to test me with to determine if I was ADD. I was not too thrilled to repeat having my head peppered with needles like they had done at FSU. He assured me that there would be NO needles. I agreed to the test.

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
DRUG FREE Serial Entrepreneur

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